Lorraine Huyton

Lorraine qualified as a dental hygienist from Queens University Belfast in 2004.  She also completed her certificate in Oral Health in 2003 and Tooth Whitening in 2009. Lorraine joined Elite Dental Team in 2006 and will be providing a Hygiene Service within Elite @ Arches on the Newtownards Road.  Her main aim is to maintain a high level of oral health for every patient. Emphasis on oral health has never been more important due to the direct links to general health  e.g increase risk of Stroke/Heart Disease. There are a number of important factors in achieving good oral health Informing patients of up to date preventative advice Build up trust and good relationship with patient   What to expect from the hygiene service? Assessment of gum health Tailored oral health programmes Smoking cessation advice Prevention of halitosis Dietary advice Removal of staining Treatment of gum disease  e.g bleeding gums.

Natalie Warren

Natalie has been with Elite Dental from August 2008.  She previously worked for a community dental service which specialised in treating children and patients with disabilities. Natalie then decided to join the Elite team and and work along side the principle dentist assisting her with each patient.  Natalie feels that Dr Fartash offers a wider field of treatment including implants which has provided her with a vast knowledge and experience which not all surgeries can provide. In her spare time Natalie previously was a member of the St John’s Ambulance team but then had to leave the team to join another night class to become a qualified beauty therapist which she enjoys doing during her spare time.